Photo #1: Starting Small

For a number of reasons, most notably the fact that I don’t yet have a camera bag big enough to hold all my gear yet (although it is on the way!), I wanted to stay indoors for my first photo. I decided on a macro image, because I figured I could find a subject inside, but still be creative.

I like macro photography on occasion, but it’s not a type of image I shoot frequently. Therefore, I have several macro filters for my camera, but not a true macro lens.

Finding a subject was easier than I thought. I’ve recently taken macro photos of several objects in the house, testing out my new filters. I didn’t want to photograph a subject I’d already shot, since the whole idea of this project is to make me a better photographer, and repeating a photograph wouldn’t do that.

I found a little aroma therapy dish in the house, which has rocks at the base. Rocks are colorful and textured, making them ideal for macro photography. Plus, I’ve always found stone visually appealing. I cleaned out the dish, brought it to a well lit area, and arranged the rocks. The camera was already in macro setting, and the auto-focus was working well, so I didn’t make any manual adjustments for this image.

I tried a few photos with the +10 filter, but I wasn’t quite getting in as close as I wanted. So I added the +4 filter for some extra zoom. Shuffling the rocks a little more, I found one with some patterns which drew in the eye. I framed the last photo with that rock just off center. Here it is, my selection for the day:


Photo #1: Macro Rocks

Tech Details:
Equipment: Sony NEX-5R, 18-55mm standard lens, +10 macro filter, +4 macro filter.
Image: 1/160 sec exposure, f/4, ISO-1600.



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