Photo #5: Big Sky

For today’s photo, I headed out to the lake. The lake is one of the few scenic places near where I live, and I’ve had good luck finding subject material there. When I got to the shore of the lake, the sky was bad for photographing the water or the shoreline, but there was some beautiful high white clouds.

Clouds and colorful skies are a big draw for me. I took a few photos with the standard lens, but quickly switched it for the wide angle lens. The wide angle is my most recent purchase, and I’ve found it very useful. It’s great for capturing the “big sky” photos, like those seen in travel magazines. I like the scale I can achieve with the wide angle.

I framed the sky with the trees surrounding the clearing I was in. The trees had yet to leaf out, so there black branches created some good contrast to the sky. Once again, I left the camera in intelligent auto mode.

Here’s my photo for the day.

Photo #5: Big Sky

Photo #5: Big Sky

Tech Details:
Equipment: Sony NEX5-R, 10-18mm wide angle lens.
Image: 1/160 sec exposure, f/16, ISO-100.


2 thoughts on “Photo #5: Big Sky

  1. I love your photos! I just recently starting photography and am very inspired by your project and the fact that your pictures are so beautiful without post-editing!! Thank you for the inspiration!


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