Photo #7: Deceptive Daffodils

Sometimes I see something that makes a great photo in my mind, but I can’t make it work in my camera. Other days, it just lines up.

It was raining and cloudy most of the day. The sky was dramatic, but I wasn’t in a good location to get a clear shot. The sun broke out late afternoon, giving me some good light for photography. The landscape is turning lush and green, thanks to the recent rains.

I thought some spring photos would make a good subject, so I drove down the road to a spot where some larger groups of daffodils were blooming. The flowers were on a hillside. The bulbs had been arranged to spell the name of the town, but only about half of them sprouted, leaving a cryptic pattern in the bright green grass.

The sun was behind me, casting a shadow on some of the flowers, so I purposefully angled my shot to keep the flowers in full sunlight. I selected a decent size group, and crouched down to get closer to my subject. When I did, I noticed the flowers behind them rose to about the same level, hiding the grass and making it appear that whole hillside was covered with flowers.

I liked the composition so much, I only shot three photos, varying the angle slightly. It was a tough decision between the first and the third photo. In the end, I decided I like the third a little better. Here it is:

Photo #7: Daffodils

Photo #7: Deceptive Daffodils

Tech Details:
Equipment: Sony NEX-5R, 18-55mm standard lens.
Image: 1/100 sec exposure, f/13, ISO-100.


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