Photo #9: Ghostly Trees

There are some gnarled, leafless trees out by the lake. Their bark is coarse, making them look like a props for a spooky movie forest. I wanted to capture some of that feeling.

It was actually a bright, sunny day. It tried several shots in both high contrast black and white, and black and white posterization. The images were still a little dark and lacking detail, so I adjust the brightness. This caused the lines to pop out, showing the details well in the high contrast black and white.

I had a hard time deciding between my best high contrast and my best posterization image. In the end, I selected the posterized photo, because I loved how the tree branches looked. Overall, it looked very artistic. I didn’t get a photograph in this image. I didn’t get a high contrast photo from this angle. I want to go back and get one now after seeing how the posterized photo turned out.

Here it is:

Photo #9: Ghostly Trees

Photo #9: Ghostly Trees

Tech Details:
Equipment: Sony NEX-5R, 18-55mm standard lens.
Image: 1/80 sec exposure, f/5.6, ISO-100. Black and white posterization effect with brightness adjusted.


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