Photo #17: Calm Waters

It was a nice evening, so I grabbed the camera and went up to the local park. The park presents lots of opportunities for photograph. At the center is a larger lake, line with trees and benches. Ducks can be found on the shore and swimming in the lake. This time of year, there are trees in bloom. Swingsets, slide and old merry-go-rounds are strategically placed around the lake, with larger playground and some tennis courts on the north-east side of the park. It’s wooded to the south, and there are open fields and a few old barns to the north.

The park is not without it’s challenges. It’s a popular destination when the weather’s nice. There are cars parked at intervals around the lake, and people fishing, picnicking, and walking. Powerlines stretch over the lake, there are “No Swimming” signs, outbuildings and the occasional piece of litter on the shore. Editing undesired elements can be tricky.

I walked around the south and west shores of the lake, ending up at the fence and the fields to the north. I photographed several different subject, playing with various photo styles, the effects on my camera, and used all three of my lens.

I had a hard time selecting with photo to share tonight. It was a close running between three different photos. Landscapes are my favorite subjects, and although I’m not in love with the landscape around here, it can still produce good pictures. I realized I haven’t shared a true landscape photo yet, so I decided to select my photo of the lake for today’s picture.

I took this photos at the water’s edge. The shore was lined with stone in this particular area, and I used that to frame the lake and draw the eye into the center of the picture. I think it turned out pretty well, even if there are cars around the lakeshore.



Photo #17: Calm Waters

Photo #17: Calm Waters

Tech Details:
Equipment: Sony NEX-5R, 18-55mm standard lens.
Image: 1/80 sec exposure, f/8, ISO-100.


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