Photo #22: Reflections

I didn’t want to wait until the last minutes to get my picture tonight, so I took the opportunity to go to the park before the sunset. It was already fairly low on the horizon when I got there, so I missed some of the good light, but not all of it. I wandered around a little, and found a variety of subjects that I hadn’t get captured on my earlier trips.

The park is centered around a decent sized pond. There are “No Swimming” signs posted at intervals around the lakeshore. One of these happened to be well lit, and jutting out of the water at an angle. The surface of the pond was fairly still, casting a good reflection of the sign. Although it wasn’t my only subject, the sign turned out to be my most compelling photograph. Sometimes, simplicity rules.

Here it is:

Photo #22: Reflections

Photo #22: Reflections

Tech Details:
Equipment: Sony NEX-5R, 18-55 mm standard lens.
Image: 1/160 sec exposure, f/5, ISO-400.


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