Photo #24: Cat Scan

My schedule for the day was pretty full, leaving me little time for pictures. As a result, I once again found myself at the end of the day with no photographs, no where to go to get one, and no good ideas.

For the most part, my subject material for this project has been landscapes, plants or inanimate objects. I haven’t photographed much in the way of people or animals (at least, not that I have decided to feature.) So I turned my lens to the other living subjects in the house. (Some were more willing to be photographed than others.)

I was hoping not to include a photo of my cats in this project, simply because I photograph them all the time. It’s not really stretching my skills to use a familiar subjects. However, capturing a good photo of a living thing can be tricky, especially a cat. They move, they don’t like the flash, they’re impossible to pose. And given they’re sense of free will, it can be hard to catch them in a spot with a good backdrop.

This image turned out the best.

Photo #24: Cat Scan

Photo #24: Cat Scan

Tech Details:
Equipment: Sony NEX-5R, 18-55mm standard lens.
Image: 1/13 sec exposure, f/4.5, ISO-3200. (Note: This image was cropped.)


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