Photo #26: Evening Kayak

The weather improved today, so I decided to spend some time at the lake before attempting my photo for the day. The lake is one of my favorite places for photography, it has plenty of opportunities for large, open landscape shots, wildlife to turn the telephoto on, trees, both dead and alive, flowers and frequently people. While I was waiting for the sun to set, I wandered around the lake, photographing whatever caught my eye. I was fortunate to capture several very successful shots.

My planned photo for the evening was to get the runway lights at the airport. I headed over there just after sunset. Unfortunately, I had left my tripod at the house. To get the frame I wanted, I needed the telephoto lens, but the telephoto is best with the tripod, and for anything but short exposures, pretty much requires it. To capture the photo I wanted, a longer exposure was necessary. As a result, I got a few decent photos, but most had just a touch of blur.

So I decided I will try that one again later, this with the tripod. Instead, I selected one of my photos of the lake. I haven’t featured any photographs of people yet, so I give you this kayaker, enjoying an evening of fishing on the water.

Photo #26: Evening Kayak

Photo #26: Evening Kayak

Tech Details:
Equipment: Sony NEX-5R, 55-210mm telephoto lens.
Image: 1/100 sec exposure, f/5.6, ISO-100.


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