Photo #27: Time Lapse

I took a few pictures earlier this afternoon, one of which I was certain would be good enough to make the cut for my blog. When I pulled them up on the computer, however, I was pretty dissatisfied. I tried a few variations on my original theme, before abandoning the idea altogether.

The problem was it was now after dark, and I was without a good photo.

So I grabbed the camera and the tripod and drove a few just down the street. There’s a road was a nice curve to it, which always has some traffic, no matter what time of night. I set up the tripod, set the camera for a long exposure and waited for a car to come along.

When shooting on the tripod, I’ve learned to automatically set a ten second delay. I envisioned getting the taillights of the car, vanishing into the distance. I totally timed it wrong. The car was halfway down the road by the time the shutter opened.

In the thirty seconds the shutter was open, several cars and a diesel went by. The result was pretty awesome. I was so pleased, that I didn’t even take a second shot. This is pretty rare for me, since my philosophy is to always press the shutter a second time, just in case. But, it was late, there wasn’t much traffic, and long exposures like this take a while. Maybe I’ll go back and experiment a little more when I’ve got some time.

Here’ the photo:

Photo #27: Time Lapse

Photo #27: Time Lapse

Tech Details:
Equipment: Sony NEX-5R, 18-55mm standard lens, tripod.
Image: 30 sec exposure, f/5.6, ISO-400.


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