Photo #28: Stone Arches

It was a good evening for photography, clear skies, good sunlight. So, I set out about an hour before sunset, looking for something intriguing. Again, I was hoping to find a good barn, but I was open to any possibilities. I drove around on the backroads, through the fields, looking and finding nothing.

If I were back out west, this method would yield a subject quickly, but it’s a little bit trickier around here. I found myself still driving around as the sun sank closer to the horizon. I turned north, still looking for barns. The road dipped down through a valley. At the bottom, a small stream ran between the fields. Here, the road necked down to one lane, crossing the stream. The bridge had concert guardrails, arched somewhat like an old Roman aqueduct. Through the arches I could see the setting sun reflecting off the waters in the stream.

I drove across the bridge, parked the car and walked back. I hadn’t seen a single car on this stretch of road, and it was quiet and calm, so I walked out to the center of the bridge. I took a few shots of the setting sun through the arches, framing it with the concrete. I was pleased with the result.

Photo #28: Bridge

Photo #28: Stone Arches

Tech Details:
Equipment Used: Sony NEX-5R, 18-55mm standard lens.
Image: 1/80 sec exposure, f/4.5, ISO-160.


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