Photo Compilation and Thoughts

So I’ve completed my 30 day photo project. I was very pleased with how some of the pictures turned out. Others didn’t work out quiet so well, but overall, I ended up with a lot of good photos. I’d hope this has made me somewhat of a better photographer. I’m not sure how much my skill set improved, or if I learned my camera a little better, but I definitely stretched my boundaries a little. If anything, this has enabled me to see more photo possibilities in the world around me.

I’ve got a few subjects that I’d like to try again, to see if I can improve, and get the photo I was initially hoping for. So I’ll be posting these as I attempt them.

I took over 1,400 pictures throughout the month. (Granted, not all of these were for the purpose of the project, a few were personal. But the majority were taken in pursuit of good photographs.) There were a lot of photos that I took but didn’t share, since I was limiting myself to one image a day. The reasons that these photos didn’t make the cut vary, sometimes it was because I liked another image better, or because I’d already featured a similar photo, or it simply wasn’t my goal picture. I’m going to be sharing some of these extra shots in the next few days as well.

Here’s the result of my photo project, in video form. All 30 photos, back to back.


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