Extra Photo #2: Corncob

During my month long photo challenge, I decided to photograph one of the many cornfields that are ubiquitous to the Midwest. I wanted to get up close with the brown stalks, using them as the focal point in my photo. (The end result was fairly successful, and that photo was shared in this entry.)

To take the photo, I walked a little ways into the cornfield itself. Almost immediately, I noticed the field was littered with red corncobs, devoid of kernels. I was immediately drawn to them. I took a break from photographing the field, attached a macro filter to my lens, and shot several photos of the cobs. It was shortly before sunset, giving a nice natural light to the photo. I was very pleased with this result.

I didn’t include this photo as a feature, because my goal was a picture of the a field, and I’d already featured one macro image. However, it definitely merits sharing.

Extra Photo #2: Corncob

Extra Photo #2: Corncob

Tech Details:
Equipment: Sony NEX-5R, 18-55mm lens, macro filter.
Image: 1/160 sec exposure, f/5.6, ISO-640.


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