Extra Photo #6: Puffball

While wandering around, looking for things to photograph, I happened across a dandelion puffball, and couldn’t resist the urge to get a good photo of it. I wasn’t planning on featuring, partially because I had already done a few macros, and partially because it wasn’t my subject material of choice for the day. But that wasn’t going to stop me from photographing the dandelion. I enjoy photography, and I didn’t want to pass up a good subject and a chance to practice.

I found I took quite a few macros during my month-long challenge, which surprised me a little. I like to do macros every now and then, but I’m not super into them. I think I did more than usual because of my environment. It was hard to get any big vistas, so I looked to smaller photos, where I could either blur out the background, or edit out undesirable elements. Additionally, spring brought out a lot of flowers, and flowers lend very well to macros. So, when I chanced across a pretty flower, I got up close with the lens. As I did with this nice puffball. It was too good not to share.

Extra Photo #6: Puffball

Extra Photo #6: Puffball

Tech Details:
Equipment: Sony NEX-5R, 18-55mm standard lens.
Image: 1/250 sec exposure, f/6.3, ISO-100.


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