Photo #6: Cathedral

Today’s photo almost had a different subject. The weather was overcast for most of the day, poor lighting all around. Still, I knew I had to go downtown, and there’s several subjects in the area, so I put my camera in the car just in case.

As I was finishing up my errands, and getting ready to leave, I noticed the cloud deck was breaking up, providing some better light. So I drove a few blocks to a big cathedral I’d discovered a few weeks ago. I could probably spend an hour photographing this building, and all the intricate details in the architecture. I plan to go back when I’ve got better lighting and more time.

I pulled my camera out of the bag, and immediately realized I’d forgot to replace the memory card after downloading my photos last night. Fortunately, my spares were in the bag, and disaster was averted. I inserted a new card, and walked over to the cathedral.

There really were only two places to photograph the front of the cathedral, the sidewalk directly in front of it, and the sidewalk on the other side of the road. I knew I had to work from fairly close, so selected my wide-angle lens. I soon discovered I’d made the right choice, I needed every last bit of it to fit the whole cathedral in the frame.

I tried to the first few shots from dead on. The sun was high and to the west, so I moved to the west side of the street, and pressed the shutter a few more times. Finally, I crossed the street and got close to the cathedral, shooting straight up the walls so it towered over me.

However, my best shot turned out to be the one I captured as I was walking back to the car. Here it is:

Photo #6: Cathedral

Tech Details:
Equipment: Sony NEX-5R, 10-18mm wide angle lens.
Image: 1/400 sec exposure, f/16, ISO-100.



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